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International Kindergartens Recruit Foreign Language Teachers

School Type Kindergarten
City Dalian
Salary 15~20K RMB
Job Detail

Kindergartens are equipped with first-class facilities and facilities,

and fully enjoy the rich resources of Huafu Education Group. In addition,

it also has the active participation and support of parents, a group of outstanding staff, teachers in early education, and a team of experts with international academic influence.

The class and curriculum system is based on children's interests and aims to provide children with the following opportunities: to explore their environment more widely, to expand their life learning experience, and to improve their knowledge and skills.

Recruitment conditions:

Nationality of foreign teachers: native language foreign teachers.

Personal Situation of Foreign Teachers: Gender male or female, lively personality / good at singing and dancing.

Qualifications of foreign teachers: Bachelor degree or above, TESL Certificate/TEFL certificate, preferring teaching related categories.

Contract: one year contract

Job content:

Teaching time: No more than 40 hours a week, including 27.5 hours of teaching time. Three to four lessons a day, 20 to 25 minutes per lesson.

Professor Content: ENGLISH

Student age: 2-6 years

Class size: 15-18

Salary treatment:

Salary: 12-18K/month

Accommodation: Single apartment (water, electricity, network self-payment)

Ticket reimbursement: no

Visa processing:

Holidays: Holidays in accordance with the State's statutory regulations

Insurance: Commercial Insurance

Tourism: According to the plan of group building

Chinese Learning: Yes

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