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Best children's english teaching cente in Chengdu

School Type Language School
City Chengdu
Salary 15~20K RMB
Job Detail

v Recruitment conditions:

Nationality of foreign teachers: mother tongue

Foreign Education: Bachelor's degree or above

Personal situation of foreign teachers: have more than one year teaching experience, age 20-40 years old.

Certificate: TESOL or TEFL

Contract period: 1 year

v Job content:

Working hours: 37 hours a week, including 25 hours of teaching (up to 25 hours)


1. According to the schedule and the Dean's arrangement, we will teach various types of courses, such as regular courses, auditions, activity classes, preview classes, make-up classes, telephone teaching, etc.

2. Preparing lessons, practicing lessons and observing lessons according to the schedule and the arrangement of the dean. And complete the corresponding administrative work, such as the follow-up and record of student data;

3. Conduct teaching meetings, teaching seminars and departmental activities in accordance with the schedule and the arrangements of the dean.

Student age: 2.5-12 years

Class size: the number of regular classes is between 4 and 12; the number of regular classes of each foreign teacher is between 10 and 12.

Sitting on shift: sitting on shift for 12 hours or so

v Salary treatment:

Salary and distribution: According to the specific objective conditions of the interviewer, such as nationality, pronunciation, education, experience and so on. The salary range is between 14K and 20k, and the salary of the last month is paid on the 10th of each month in the form of bank card transfer.

v Accommodation:

The school provides a one-room apartment with complete basic furniture. (Waste and other related costs of hydropower network should be borne by oneself)

Holiday leave: 12 days paid annual leave is available at the end of each contract.

v Work Sign:

Foreign teachers should be qualified to handle the work signature. The school will handle the work signature.

v Ticket Subsidy:

Setting of Ticket Subsidy Based on Specific Conditions

v Insurance:

Medical and accident insurance according to the specific situation

v Other subsidies and benefits:

travel arrangement according to the specific situation of the school; classroom assistance for teaching assistants; no traffic subsidy.

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