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International Kindergarten/ Daycare Teacher needed in Shenzhen

School Type Kindergarten
City Shenzhen
Salary 17~25K RMB
Job Detail

Job Description:

1. Teaching children with a specific topic or theme in English that the Kindergarten/Daycare offers .Required to make lesson plans ,get well-prepared before class and to lead the special courses like science day, cooking day and etc.

2. Developing appropriate activities that are in accordance with different ages of children and offer appropriate teaching methods or ways

3. Constructing a lesson plan and school article for special class, like science class, cooking class and movie class etc.

4. Monitoring children’s progress and submitting daily reports in accordance with the requirement of the Kindergarten/Daycare; Requested to revise the daily report if the direct supervisor asks to do so.

5. Attending required meetings and Kindergarten/ Daycare activities,including special activities   and out-going activities

6. Monitoring the children at every moment and being responsible for the children’s safety and health

7. Assisting with the Chinese Head Teacher with class management including parent’s communication especially for academics, children’s behavior in school, etc.

8. Having a cooperative relationship with other teachers in the class. Working together to keep the classroom standards as required by the Kindergarten/ Daycare, such as   updating toy labels, organization of class layout, displaying new monthly photos, etc.

9. Students’ ages:Kindergarten ( 2.5 years -6 years) Daycare (10 months–36 months)

10. Students per class:Kindergarten (10-25); Daycare(10-16)


1. Native English speaker

2. Bachelor degree or above;Better with Early Childhood Education Major

3. Able to get criminal background check

4. Teaching experiences in nursery /kindergarten/ kids training centre at least two years or relevant certificates


Monday to Friday 7:55am-5:00pm   1 hour lunch

Probation Period:1month

Probation Salary: 18 000 - 24 000 ( before Tax)

Salary after probation:19000 - 25000(before Tax)


1.Breakfast and Lunch Monday-Friday

2.Fully paid and sponsored Z visa

3.Reimburse for visa related documents

4. All Chinese Holidays Paid + Fully paid School Holidays (summer and winter holidays and Christmas holidays)

5.Flight ticket bonus after finishing a one-year contract

6. Renewing bonus

7. Medical Insurance

Arrival Assistance:

1. 3-5 days hotel accommodation

2. Assistance on housing, bank account opening and health check etc.

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