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Beijing Prestigious Kindergarten wants ESL Teachers for an Amazing Opportunity

School Type Kindergarten
City Beijing
Salary 22~24K RMB
Job Detail

Teach English abroad and experience new cultures whilst travelling Asia with this exciting job opportunity as an ESL instructor. We are looking for enthusiastic people who love to work in relaxed and enjoyable surroundings. We are a forward thinking chain of prestigious International Kindergartens based in Beijing and continuing to expand throughout China.

Teaching Role Eligibility Requirements:
1) Bachelor's degree in Education.
2) Clear Criminal Police Background Check.
1) Bachelor's degree in any other subject.
2) 120 hour online TEFL course OR two years teaching experience. Experience must be from post graduation of bachelor’s degree.
3) Clear Criminal Police Background Check.

In order to be eligible for an English teaching work visa in China, teachers MUST be from: US, UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand or Australia, if you are not from these countries listed above please do not apply.
We can provide help and support for gaining a 120 Hour TEFL Certificate for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree. Experience is desirable but not essential, unless using experience to gain a working visa. The above requirements are needed to meet working visa eligibility criteria, candidates can use option 1 or 2 there is no preference.

The ideal candidate will be someone who is enthusiastic, flexible and positive as these are very important for the role of a kindergarten teacher. We also who is open to new experiences and cultures as employees will work with people from all over the world. Lastly, candidates should be professional yet relaxed, the company is growing throughout the international ESL industry in China and we want employees who can grow with us.

Teachers will work at our kindergartens from 8.30am - 4.30pm Monday - Friday. Full training will be provided upon the beginning of employment and teachers will have 2 - 3 Chinese teaching assistants (English speaking) in order to help navigate and organize the ESL classroom. English teachers are the lead teachers within the classroom and will be supplied with a daily schedule and a fully inclusive curriculum which is already correctly implemented to encourage English speaking and fluency within the classroom and school environment. Classes range in size depending on age of the students, class numbers can be from 15 - 25.

Teachers will teach 3 - 4 English lessons a day which last around 30 minutes each they consist of cooking or art class, English grammar, reading and writing, phonics and manners or safety classes. Teachers also carry out one to one study time throughout the day with each student. These one to one sessions normally last between 3 - 4 minutes each and are based on the lesson the student is individually on. Students also attend dance, baseball or taekwondo classes daily. These classes are taught by other teacher. Teacher attend along with the class and it is an ideal time for one to one study throughout the dance, baseball and taekwondo classes. Students also have a lot of free play time throughout the day and this is an ideal time to have fun with your students by being interactive with them in a free play setting.

We offer an excellent package and benefits:

23500 RMB monthly after tax – combined salary and housing allowance
Up to 1000 RMB raise after each 6 month interval of work
8000 RMB flight reimbursement
Monthly bonus’ and incentives for good performance
Working visa: Completed by HR department and cost reimbursement
2 weeks paid temporary accommodation for hires outside of Beijing
Or: school staff housing if available
Assistance in finding good accommodation
23 Paid Holidays (Additional holidays there after are granted whenever requested by teachers but taken on an unpaid basis)
Business international health insurance: Provided
Language Exchange Program
Introduction to China Welcome Package
Dinners/Lunch with Staff
Airport Pickup
Full support with adjusting to life in China

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