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High salary job in Kindergarten in Shanghai

School Type Kindergarten
City Shanghai
Salary 16~22K RMB
Job Detail

The kindergarten affiliated to Shanghai is a kindergarten that integrates bilingual international education and art education to promote the overall harmonious

development of children.

The kindergarten, with the core of promoting children's all-round development and the characteristics of bilingual international

education and art education, runs the kindergarten conscientiously and offers high-quality preschool education for the society,

parents and children. With scientific and efficient management of kindergarten running, high-quality teaching quality and all-round high-quality service, it has become a paradise for children's artistic enlightenment, healthy growth and future International dance. The cradle of Taiwanese talents.

We provide excellent hardware facilities and teachers for school-age children; organizes teaching in the form of classes arranged by age groups;

combines the common curriculum of kindergartens prescribed and approved by Shanghai Education Commission with the selective curriculum of bilingual international education and art education with unique characteristics of the kindergarten; and provides effective learning, growth and development for kindergarten children. Exhibition of high-quality pre-school education.

Our garden was established and registered in December 2014 and is located in Gaohang Town, Pudong, Shanghai.We have four grades of k2, k3, K4 and K5

(i.e. the usual kindergartens, small classes, middle classes and large classes), which recruit children aged 2 to 6. In the past, most of the foreign teachers employed were native speakers, with rich teaching experience and pleasant cooperation between China and foreign countries! __________

Recruitment conditions:

Nationality Requirements of Foreign Teachers: Native-speaking Countries

Foreign Education: Undergraduate

Personal situation of foreign teachers: responsible, regular and teamwork spirit

Contract Period: First signed for one year, then renewed depending on the situation of both parties.

Foreign Teachers'Qualifications: Working experience in kindergarten (more than one year), with TESOL or TEFL certificate

Job content:

Working hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:30 every day, every morning from 8:00 to 11:00 into a class full-time shift; afternoon from 14:30 to 16:30 into another class full-time shift. Rest on Saturdays and Days

Student Age: 2-6 Years Old Children

Class Number: Top Class: 20 people in each class; Small Class: 25 people in each class; Middle Class: 28 people in each class; Large Class: 28 people in each class

Salary treatment:

Salary and Release Method: Salary should be fixed after the interview and paid last month on the 10th of each month.

Accommodation: No Accommodation

Holiday leave: 15 days paid vacation per year of work, but only in winter and summer vacation

Visa Processing: The Gardener shall bear the responsibility for the certificate of foreign experts.

Medical and accident insurance:

Assistant Teachers: Two Secondary Teachers

If the employee is accompanied by his family members, the expenses shall be borne by himself.

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