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Live well and  save money  in shenyang China

School Type Language School
City Shenyang
Salary 16K RMB
Job Detail

Joy salary and benefits:
Starting salary of 15,000 RMB depending on experience with no Chinese income tax per month, with one 500RMB salary increases after the first six months.
20 teaching hours and 4 office hours per week.
500RMB raise every 6 months up to 17500RMB.
8,000 -16,000RMB yearly contract bonus based on experience based on attendance and performance, with 3000RMB paid out every three months and one final bonus payment of 4000RMB upon completion of the full contract term.
Free private modern apartment in a new building.
5 working days each week with 2 days off.
Three Joy holidays during the year: Spring Festival, Summer Vacation and October Holiday; approximately 37 days of holiday with 1/2 of the days paid at the end of the contract. These holidays provide excellent opportunities for travel.
Opportunities for voluntary paid overtime, teaching one on one or additional English classes
Opportunities exist for high performing teachers to develop into more senior training, coaching and management positions, due to our ongoing success and expansion.

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