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Chinajobstreet’s clients offer contracts with a guaranteed minimum number of working hours per week, averagedover the month. This allows foreign candidates to budget and save confidently while providing flexibility. With this contract, there’s also time to devote to other interests or take on more working hours.



图文展示 Competitive Salary

As the world’s second largest economy,China is more developed than most countries in the world. Comparing with other countries in Asia, China provides more competitive basic salary. Since the living cost in China is much less than the Western countries. Which means you can spend less money and enjoy a high standard modern life in China.

图文展示(1) Health & Accident Insurance

After obtaining your work permit, you will be immediately covered by the health and accident insurance.

图文展示(1)(1) Guaranteed Working Hours

We have legal   agreements with all our clients in China,which means the sad stories you read on internet do not happen to our candidates. The working hours are guaranteed and if you work for overtime you will get extra payment.

图文展示(1)(1)(1) Regular Raises and Bonuses

Once a year, We will help you negotiate with your current employer and try to get an increased basic salary for the next year. If you decide to leave the current job, WIC will also help you to find another job in China.

图文展示(1)(1)(1)(2) Travelling and Housing Allowance

All the clients in China will provide travelling allowance and housing allowance to help our candidates settle down in China.


Initial Interview Training

Interview Training gives you both “FAST TRACK” and “MASTERY TRACK” systems of lessons and virtual interview practice – to get you ready… fast. Interview Training also teaches you how to get inside the head of the interviewer and prove that you’re the candidate they’re looking for.

Find out exactly what interviewers are looking for and learn how to anticipate and properly answer the toughest questions. Once your answers are planned and refined, use our Skills to make your delivery confident and natural.


Culture Training

Working in China will provide you with the tools to maximise the competitive advantage in China through a combination of in-depth background information and hands-on practical tips and solutions.

The most populous country in the world, the People’s Republic of China continues to see businesses race to invest in its increasingly prosperous companies and industries.   A country of unique etiquette and ceremonies, understanding Chinese business, culture and ethics is paramount for any foreigner who wishing to work in today’s progressive China.

Ensure the success of your career venture by learning more about working in China and Chinese business culture.

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