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v About us

Chinajobstreet is a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher recruitment agency, specializing in assisting English teachers with finding the best teaching jobs in China.

Founded in 2014.Our headquarters is located in Dalian, China, and Zhengzhou has a branch company.

v Our objective

We strongly believe in providing an honest, professional and supremely effective job placement service for our teachers. Over the years we have helped hundreds of teachers and are proud of the many positive comments we’ve had and really enjoy hearing about our teachers’ adventures abroad.Our primary objective is to not only provide you with a suitable teaching position in China but also help you have a positive and memorable China teaching experience.

v Our ability

At present, We mainly provide full-time foreign teachers Intermediary services for kindergartens, training schools, public schools, international schools and other school institutions throughout the China.

v Free service

We make a fee from the schools, which means we are able to offer a completely free service to teachers. There are no fees whatsoever and absolutely no salary deductions.

Chinajobstreet was Found on 2014.We are licensed labor Intermediary company.

We cares about the quality  of   education,  as well as the ESL     teachers  feelings.
We always try our best to help    teachers in all aspects,such as     apartment,daily life,teaching and to overcome culture shocks.
We sends company  coordinators to the schools to check and make sure the  teachers are happy.If     issues arise,they will be soved    quickly  and efficiently .
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